Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to add a comment to a Blog post

I really value your comments to all of my posts. I encourage you to leave your relevant comments!

For many people that are new to social networking and social media, you probably want to know how to add your comments to a blog post.

I use Blogger , and this is the process:

1st) Go to the bottom of the post that you read, and click on comments
2nd) A box will pop up… and you can add your comments
3rd) Select a Profile Type… from the drop down menu
There are several profile options that you can choose from:
a) Name/URL- Put in your name and URL
b) Anonymous- It is anonymous
c) OpenID:

All you do to add your comment is use your OpenID URL.
Go to ( to sign up. It allows you to use your site more easily. With OpenID others are able to come to your site and sign-in with their OpenID, removing the need to create yet another username and password .

d) Other- such as Google ID etc.

(for questions go to : )

4th) Complete the word verification, and then click FINISH

If you want to share a post with someone, you can email them the post, by clicking on the envelope icon next to the comments .

I hope this helps!