Sunday, September 6, 2009

Google "Wave" . The Social Networking and Social Media integration browser and collaboration tool from Google.

Do you want to learn how to be the first to sign up for the new Google "Wave"? Google "Wave" is a Social Networking and Social Media integration browser and collaboration tool. On September 30th, Google will send out invitations. Please go to this site to sign up:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who's on Facebook,MySpace,Twitter and LinkedIn?

Who's on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn? @SciFri.. Sean Corcoran, of Forrester Research, looks at the use of social networking and social media.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

On-Line Class: "Social Networking and Social Media tools for Salespeople in business"

On Line Class "Social Networking and Social Media Tools for Salespeople in Business" SNI 101
starts today 7/19/2009.

Go to

The initial course began as a 8 Session Course, designed to provide a complete overview of "How to use Social Networking and Social Media tools for Salespeople".

The topics covered in this Course were:
Overview of Social Networking and Social Media tools for Salespeople
The paradigm shift for Salespeople, in the new "Word of Mouth" culture
New ways to engage with your customers using (RSS to-email, Content updates, and Feeds)
Your on-line reputation with your customers: How to find out what it is, & protect it
Personal Branding strategies for Salespeople
Effective use of LinkedIN for Salespeople
Effective use of Twitter for Salespeople
Effective use of YouTube for Salespeople
Effective use of Facebook for Salespeople
Effective use of sales specific Social Networking sites
How to gain credibility as a Thought Leader
Blog usage and strategies for Salespeople
Podcasts usage and strategies
Video usage and strategies
Getting your content out and re-purposing it through multiple channels
Collaboration strategies such as Wiki's,Forums, tagging, bookmarking etc.
Search strategies
RSS feeds,subscriptions,aggregators
Social CRM and "Sales 2.0" tools
Mobile communication issues for Salespeople
Latest trends and Many more

Course Number is SNI-101

Go to and click on the "Register for Course" button.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Social Media Tool for Bloggers

Here is a new Web 2.0, Social Media tool, that can really help you can grow your Blog, AND create additional media CONTENT.

This is how it works:
1st) You write your latest Blog article,
2nd) Sign up for, and they will CONVERT the text into speech, AS A PODCAST, then place it on iTunes (Guess what ?... MORE CONTENT is now available in the form of a podcast) AUTOMATICALLY.

…AND your customer gets another way to consume your content, because they can now Subscribe to your podcast in iTunes.

Go to to check out this exciting idea.

Hope this helps!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to add a comment to a Blog post

I really value your comments to all of my posts. I encourage you to leave your relevant comments!

For many people that are new to social networking and social media, you probably want to know how to add your comments to a blog post.

I use Blogger , and this is the process:

1st) Go to the bottom of the post that you read, and click on comments
2nd) A box will pop up… and you can add your comments
3rd) Select a Profile Type… from the drop down menu
There are several profile options that you can choose from:
a) Name/URL- Put in your name and URL
b) Anonymous- It is anonymous
c) OpenID:

All you do to add your comment is use your OpenID URL.
Go to ( to sign up. It allows you to use your site more easily. With OpenID others are able to come to your site and sign-in with their OpenID, removing the need to create yet another username and password .

d) Other- such as Google ID etc.

(for questions go to : )

4th) Complete the word verification, and then click FINISH

If you want to share a post with someone, you can email them the post, by clicking on the envelope icon next to the comments .

I hope this helps!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Salespeople can use Social Networking and Social Media tools in business

In the last post, I mentioned that there is a 4 step process that you need to develop in order to optimize your PERMISSION based sales attraction strategy. Here is a brief overview of the steps:

Step I, is to develop your own professional network as a salesperson. It is very important that you review your contacts carefully, and input only your vetted, first level contacts. This is also a great opportunity to re-establish your business relationships. Here are some sites that I would highly recommend to use to build your professional sales network.
They are:

Step 2, is to develop your professional “Brand” as a salesperson. This represents how your buyers perceive your value to them. The purpose here is to demonstrate your expertise, and provide interesting relevant content “OF VALUE” to your customers. Join groups and associations in your industry. Provide relevant feedback from your discussion posts. You can also build your own website, with content relevant to what the buyers are interested in, or link to a company provided landing page, on their website. Here are some sites to use: (Use your profile,as your reputation and “Branding” as a salesperson) (Join groups, to expand your reach, demographics, and markets, etc.)

Step 3, is to use sales social networking sites to expand your business network. Here are some suggestions that are useful Social Networking sites for salespeople. They provide a whole host of resources such as; Sales Blogs, Supplier Lists, Podcasts, Research, Whitepapers, Business Connections, Lead Exchange Tracking, VARs(Reseller Channels), and “C” Level Executive Projects and Partnering.
They are as follows:

Sales sites to review:

Step 4, provides a way to continually leverage effective multiple touch points, using Social Media tools, to interact with your buyer community. It is important to create a following of buyers, who will purchase your product or services. You need a way to influence these people to follow you. This is where Sales Blogs, VideoBlogs, Audio Podcasts, and Microblogs can help gain you visibility. Here are some sites that I recommend:

Microblogs: PC to PC, and mobile devices (They follow you, or you follow them)

For Blogging:

For posting your sales content: Videos Pictures Multimedia

For event scheduling:

For Online meetings:

You also need a way to search for the sites that your Buyers are visiting, and find out what they are interested in. You also need to evaluate what your competition is doing. Social Media tools like, RSS feeds and readers (Google Reader), tagging of relevant information, and relevant search methods (Google Alerts), can be used to research your client base. There are also many types of aggregators that are newly emerging, that are designed to attract information to you, based on your specific interests. Some of the recommended sites are:


I hope this helps.

Social Networking for Salespeople

Finally, there has been a complete paradigm shift in the way salespeople need to interact with BUYERS, and each other! This shift has been created due to Social Networking.

Do you ever wonder why the old “Sales 1.0” strategy is not working, and?
- You are always getting their voicemail when you call.
- Nobody is responding to your unsolicited emails.
- Cold calling for appointments keeps getting harder for you to do.
- Nobody is responding to your direct mail.
- Qualified Decision-makers are not visiting your trade show booth, in person.
- Your in-person visits keep getting rescheduled.

The reason is because buyers don’t like INTERUPT based interactions from salespeople.
Technology put an end to this strategy, by developing Anti-Spam filters, phantom voicemail boxes, follow me tagging, ring tones, pop-up blockers and other techniques. Consumer legislation put an end to it, with “DNC” lists, and “opt out” email requests.

Today, in this “Sales 2.0” world, the buyers want PERMISSION based interactions with salespeople, driven by their buyer-centric desires. The buyer dictates:

- When they want to be communicated with
- Where they like to communicate.
- What are they interested in communicating about , and
- How do your communications provide REAL VALUE to them.

Todays buyers don’t want face to face, sit down meetings. They prefer online meetings and webinars in order to SAVE TIME. They want to be an educated and fully informed buyer, and this they perceive as “REAL VALUE”. Finally they want their communications to be “respectful” in nature, and “genuine” in intent. Transparency and Truthfulness is everything. Taken together, this builds a trusted relationship.

A successful salesperson in this Social Networking environment needs to design their own PERMISSION based attraction strategy, to interact with their potential client base.
Their strategy should leverage multiple touch points; such as Social Networking sites, Sales Blogs, VideoBlogs, Audio Podcasts, Microblogs, Social CRM tools, Media sharing, SEO/SEM on your personal websites, “Web 2.0” exchange apps, RSS feeds, and tagging of relevant information, and relevant search methods (like Google alerts), to interact with their client base.

I believe that there is a 4 step process that you need to develop in order to optimize your PERMISSION based sales attraction strategy. The 4 steps that you need to develop are to:1)Develop your own on-line network presence; 2)Develop your personal on-line “Brand” or reputation in your industry; 3) Use Sales Social Networking sites to connect and expand your business reach; and 4)Continually leverage effective multiple touch point Social Media tools, to interact with your end user community .

It is also important along the way to develop a direct accountability relationship with your company’s marketing team. Hopefully their inbound and outbound marketing strategy is in congruence with your personal PERMISSION based sales attraction strategy. Ideally they will be optimized to leverage each other.